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Tulip Needles

Tulip Needles

$ 15.00

Crafted in Hiroshima, Japan, where needle-making has a long history, Tulip blends traditional needle-making techniques with the latest steel technologies to make needles that are very smooth, flexible, and strong.


  • A Quality Eye - The needles have a somewhat larger needle eye, with a smooth surface both inside and out
  • Strong Body - With just the right amount of flexibility, the needles are resistant to bending or breaking
  • Sharp Point - The needle's points have undergone special high-density abrasive polishing treatment for sharpness
  • Smooth piecing enables easy stitching - You can stitch for hours with less fatigue!  

A revolution for bead weavers, Japanese-made Tulip beading needles are both super-thin and strong. The slightly rounded needle tip prevents piercing and splitting thread, while the eye is easy to thread. Both flexible and springy, Tulip needles resist bending and breakage.